Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gu Jeh

I was checking on the Green Card lottery then mum asked me to talk to Gu Jeh...

Monday, June 24, 2013


Great day. Today marks the continuation on qllion, my personal pet project.

Friday, June 21, 2013

On Religion

WH visited my yesterday (20 June), and we had a great chat. I asked him how he was doing at UK and also on religion stuff. Actually I deeply admire the way he believes in Christianity; it is very simple and lovely. Later on we went to the field and prayed.

In the meantime I've already decided which religion to embrace...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Deleting "undeletable" folders

There may be cases whereby some special folders created by installation programs are left in your drive and that they cannot be deleted - often getting error messages like access denied or administrative permission is required.

To solve,

  • Right click the folder - Properties - Security
  • Click Advanced
  • Change Owner to Everyone, check "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"
  • Check "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object"
Done. Delete the folder as usual.

Adventureworks database access denied error

To solve:

  • Enable "Full control" access control for the login user

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mechanism of the mind and human brain

  1. Our brain is a special kind of bio-processor which is self-upgradable
  2. The "upgradability" of our brain itself is determined by its learned algorithms
Let's imagine that an infant's brain contains the initial algorithm:

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {

while (1) {
// ... etc
return 0; // death

The functions eat, sleep, learn and others vital for survival already comes built-in in the infant's mind when they are born. The contents of the survival algorithms must have been derived from none other than the DNA codes, passed down from parents and is what we would refer as instincts.

Overtime, the infant learns, and the funtion learn() overwrites the initial mind program into more complex one, such as

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {

while (1) {
return 0; // death

Obviously the program complexity increases, and more processing power is needed to run the main algorithm (the person). The brain must have some built-in mechanism to realize this, which upon realizing the the mind's algorithm has become more complex, signals out the body's DNA to develop the brain further ie generating new brain cells, hence "upgrading" it.

In the meantime, the neural network structure of the brain changes and adapts as the infant becomes more and more proficient in performing particular tasks, such as speech, face recognition and motor functions. The positive feedback process continues until one reaches adulthood, whereby an optimal brain size is reached. Nature has the brain designed in such a way that any size bigger than its optimum values would have its performance degrade.

While the size of the adult brain remains fixed, the structure of the neural network remains flexible and is changeable. The brain now effectively becomes a soft microprocessor, which can be reprogrammed as required.

How a person develops his/her personality depends what a person learns, thinks and believes. Referring to the infant "survival" algorithm as mentioned earlier and the concept of emergent behavior, overtime that simple algorithm builds up, becoming more and more complex, and eventually emerges to become a fully  operating system (OS), just like the Windows, MAC or Linux system you are using now.

Knowledge and subjects that one learns throughout his/her life can be thought as applications. For example:


When one learns mathematics for example, it is akin to installing math.exe into the OS itself, whereby the math.exe program modifies the OS code itself and becomes more complex, and giving the OS the ability to handle and understand mathematics in the future.

Learning philosophy for example, is akin to installing philosophy.exe which will modify the OS's code in the logic, mathematics and general inquiry department. In this case it is assumed that the adult has earlier on learned about logic, mathematics and general inquiry, which is a prerequisite for the philosophy.exe program.

Not all knowledge augments the mind in a positive way. Religion for example, may actually decrease skills in  reasoning and critical thinking. In this case, religion.exe, once fully accepted by the adult, can be modeled as a program which overwrites the reasoning and critical part of the OS's algorithm, making it less efficient and even some times, corrupting it.

In interesting viewpoint I wish to share is that mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia, can be modeled as virulistic programs as well.

  • depression.exe corrupts the OS algorithm in general, temporarily reducing it to the basic survival instinct code (sleeping, eating, defecate etc). In cases whereby depression.exe completely overwrites the OS code, self destruct happens and this is where the individual commits suicide.
  • bipolar.exe affects the creativity code, which in turns affects other departments such as thought process, emotions and decision making
  • schizophrenia.exe probably corrupts the OS's thought, emotion, auditory and visual code department, causing the individual to experience hallucinations, delusions, paranoid and etc

What is the multiverse explained

The multiverse theory postulates that there are other Universes that exist besides the one we are currently residing in. In short, imagine the the bubbles you see when you pour your beer next time.

Each bubble, represents a different Universe, with different sets of physics laws. Some of the bubbles or Universe contain just the right set of physics laws which allows the creation of Life (like ours) whereas others are just failed and dead Universes.

While it seems rather abstract, you can experiment with it using programs such as VMware. VMware is a virtualization program which simulates a virtual computer and enables you to run different kinds of operating systems in it.

In this example, I have installed 3 different operating systems, namely Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Windows XP as shown below.

  1. Each OS represents a working Universe.
  2. The OS, which is composed of complex program instructions, is akin to having a set of physics laws.
  3. In the given 3 examples, all the OS supports the ability to execute programs, which analogously speaking, is a Universe which supports Life.
The concept is simple enough. Now for some mind bending ones:
  • What do we call the VMware program in reality (in analogy, the beer which holds the bubbles), which runs the 3 OS as mentioned?
  • How about the Windows 7 which runs the VMware software itself, which runs the 3 OS as mentioned?
  • How about the "Me", the one who's ultimately running all of the programs mentioned above?
Windows 7 running VMware running Mac OSX and others

Friday, November 16, 2012

Alone, I

Since primary school days, I have always felt that I'm alone, for some reasons. Reflecting back, I realized what was "wrong" - I was basically ahead  of my time. While my peers are still struggling with basic subjects such as English, Chinese and Sciences, I have already read encyclopedias, medical books, religious comics, learned programming, experimented electronics and actively taking part in contests.

Now, the same feeling has crept back, just even worse. Friends have just basically vanished. I'm a very "online" person, and many of them are just not in cyberspace anymore. Not surprising here, as most should be very occupied with jobs, family, mortgage and loans. Which, I have none anyway.

But the worst of all is that I feel no longer competitive. I can find no one to compete with, at least here, locally. What I feel is that most of my friends are involved in dead end 9-5 jobs, and almost none of them are involved in entrepreneurship or business related activities. I spent the last few years self-studying and improving myself, and I've since gained tremendous amount of knowledge and problem solving skills. And I'm still learning everyday (thanks to coursera). But whenever I mentioned about learning new skills and knowledge, many would shake their heads and say enough learning since leaving University. Now, my head gets shaken here.

But all hope is not lost. They only way, in my opinion, is to move forward. And hence, I've decided to pursue a Master's degree in Europe. I wish that I would be awarded a full scholarship, so that I don't have to worry much about financial matters, and also to benchmark myself in getting those nifty stuff.

The only thing that drives me, that gives me direction in life, that gives me goals - are children. And thus, I will reveal to you, my dreams.

My dream is basically to establish my own foundation, and I'll name it Fai Foundation (FF). FF's goal is to provide full scholarships to needy students who deserve 1st class education. Targeted institutions would include top-tier Iv League Universities such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Wharton and etc. The scholarship shall be bond-free, but would be very, very competitive to obtain. I hope that through my foundation, I could hope to train out future Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Li Ka Shing and Robert Kwok.

The issue of education is really important for me, because I personally feel that the standard of education in Malaysia is in Malaise state. Subjects critical for nation and human development, are forced to be taught in malay language instead of English or Chinese, which is humiliating at best. I shall not comment further on this issue as it is pointless as corrupted politicians have monopoly on this, and it does not take a genius to figure out the the government is purposely dumbing down the Malaysian population.

The saving grace for this, is for the students to self-improve in conjunction with private intervention. I hope that I can succeed with my plans, and I'll hereby nickname it 百年划 (100 year plan).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to generate skewed distribution data in Excel

To generate a set of data that is non-uniformly distributed (skewed, as compared to Normal which is uniform), use the GAMMA.DIST (Gamma distribution) function. First generate a series of data starting from 0 and ending around 20 something. Then use the formula GAMMA.DIST(x values, alpha, beta, FALSE) to apply to the data series.

Adjust the alpha, beta values to get your desired type of distribution. Alpha "adjusts" the left shape of the curve, whereas Beta "adjusts" the right shape of the curve. You need to plot out the data so could visualize the final shape of the graph.

An alternative function to the Gamma distribution is the WEIBULL.DIST (Weibull distribution) function. It's functionality should be similar to GAMMA.DIST.

The callousness of the world in the pursuit of materialism

Shark fins, bird's nest, diamonds and luxurious watches are some of the items that have always irked me since young. While high in nominal value (ie comes with a high price tag), they are essentially worthless to me. I was surfing not too long awhile ago and noticed a friend mentioning about eating shark's fin frequently. Yelch, so what? The process of obtaining shark fins is a very cruel one, and inhumane. Furthermore the contents of shark fin are just gelatinous flesh and some protein content, cartilage and nothing else.

Same goes to bird's nest. People, it's just bird's saliva! And probably some vitamins and trace minerals. If you need those, just go and buy multivitamins or have a good diet! It's really not nice to remove a bird's nest (after they had spent so much effort in building it) just to satisfy your taste bud or to cure some of illness or whatever. Imagine if some authority comes over and banish your property for no reason!

And as for diamonds, what use is it for them to be placed on your ring, besides giving out glitters? Otherwise, it's just a sexed up carbon with heavy diffraction index. You have been deeply brainwashed by the media all the while to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of worthless carbon!

And for luxurious watches - why are people so obsessed with it? You can easily buy a quartz-powered digital watch and it comes with much greater accuracy (compared to watch gears), and of course an automatic digital calender (this is really silly for traditional watches - needing to adjust the day of month after every 30th/31st).

ALL of the examples above clearly show that human minds are easily programmed by numerals and that humans are more often than not, irrational. Dear God, if you do really Exist, Please, Hear Me Out, and Bless me so that I may achieve great success, so that I may Donate all my future wealth to the unfortunate and needy ones. Amen. The world has become more and more callous, and I find it hard to bear this truth.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chasing the Vienna Dream

Just recently I have made up my mind to further my studies. I've taken the following initiatives to set my plans in motion:

  1. Applying the European Erasmus Mundus program
  2. Preparing for the GRE examination. I plan to apply to US Universities such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT etc
  3. If all fails, I will proceed to apply for Masters studies (http://www.mastersportal.eu) in Austria.. why Austria? That's the birthplace of Strauss :)
I plan to study Computational Finance or Computer Science.

There are also some other issues that encouraged me to make the final decision, namely:

  • I no longer feel joyful staying at Malaysia. The place seems boring, and I have fewer and fewer friends now. I wish to know more and diverse group of friends
  • I feel that many of my friends are settling down, and becoming less and less competitive. I guess that's what they call, Life? Or maybe I'm setting very high standards for myself, I'm not sure. I feel out of place with many of them.
  • Parents issue, they seem to be unable to cope with their elder years. Both have fallen into depressive state. Many factors contributed to it, but I personally believe that it is their unwillingness to socialize with new friends, staying isolated that causes them to be in this state. I cannot let myself to be dragged by this issue - it is really a complicated one and I will fulfill my role as a son to help them as much as possible, physically and mentally, but that's it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to enable PDF thumbnail preview in Windows 8

Windows 8 does not seem to generate the appropriate thumbnail previews when you select View -> Large Icons in Windows Explorer. However, I've found a quick trick to overcome this problem.
  1. First of all, download the latest version of Acrobat Reader
  2. In any application, invoke the File -> Open file dialog box
  3. Select the "Large Icon" option from the Preview button in the dialog box

The PDF thumbnails should now generate. Once done, reopen back your folder and your icons should reveal the PDF content.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lenovo Y580 vs Asus G55V Review


*** 31 Oct Update
I've been using the laptop for the past few days and I must say I'm very pleased with it. All of my heavy development needs are met with this machine. I would personally say this G55V model is a very excellent workstation, especially for developers, not just for gamers. This model even edges out the Asus N56 model.

*** Original post
I went to Lowyat and purchased the Lenovo Y580 laptop as I required a more powerful workstation for my development needs. The price is RM 3599. Later on I changed to Asus G55V as I felt there were some features lacking in the Lenovo laptop. The Asus model costs RM 4099. Both models are full HD (supporting 1920x1080 resolution)

Let's take a look on why I decided to go for the Asus model instead of Lenovo. In summary:
Asus G55V:
  • Excellent keyboard layout
  • Has the hard disk activity LED indicator
  • Has more finishing touches such as 3 levels of brightness for the keyboard LED back light and  shortcuts to disable WIFI
  • Comes with Windows 8

  • Heavier, bulkier look
  • Default configuration comes with DVD player
  • Mediocre speakers

Lenovo Y580:
  • Reasonably priced for it's top specs
  • Comes with Bluray
  • Very good JBL speakers

  • Prone to keyboard typing errors (at least for me!), Enter key is very small spaced, often mispress the numpad 4 key; backspace key is very closely placed to the numpad, often mispress the Numlock key; easy to mispress the numpad keys when trying to use the arrow keys (there is really a good reason why Macbook Pros do not have the numpad keys)
  • Keboard is prone to oil smudges
  • No hard disk activity LED indicator! This is quite important as very often you may need feedback on what the system is up to when under heavy load
  • Flimsy touchpad, takes considerable pressure to press left or right click

The primary deciding factor for me is really the keyboard and HDD activity LED. This is the keyboard layout for Asus:

vs Lenovo keyboard:

As you can clearly see, the Lenovo keyboard is just too packed! Just want you to be aware of this when purchasing any 15 inch (or bigger) laptops - especially if you type documents alot.

Here's the 3D Mark results for those interested:

On the other hand, for those of you looking for high end specs 13" ultrabooks - try the Asus Zenbook series. For it's 13 inch size (there's another variation that comes with 10 inch screen) its supports full HD resolution! Note that the notebook does not have optical drive and that RAM is fixed at 4 GB; I'm not sure if it can be customized for more RAM or not.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free documentaries

I really like to watch documentaries; topics are explained in audio and video, which is simulating and enhances the learning process. Much better than reading up books if you ask me. I've collected the following URLs so far if you're interested.

Almost all of them are sites that indexes videos stored in Youtube. Legally speaking, the videos uploaded actually violate copyright laws, so watch them while you still have the chance!

As for me, I often use DownloadHelper (Firefox plugin) to download the documentary videos and store them for later viewing. The files are stored as FLV and can be viewed by players such as Media Player Classic. Enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Recommended apps for Galaxy Note / Android

Here are some apps I personally recommend when you first have your Galaxy Note 10.1

  • Acrobat reader
  • Angry birds
  • Aroundme - location based thing
  • Badoo - dating
  • BBC news
  • Blogger
  • Chrome
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • Evernote - making notes
  • Evernote food
  • Firefox
  • Flashlight
  • Foursquare
  • Google currents - news
  • Google local - local businesses
  • Google maps - new one/update
  • Google Sky Map
  • Guardian - news
  • Huffington - news / search for "HP newsglider" for tablet version
  • Instagram
  • Layar - virtual reality thing / augmented reality
  • Line
  • Linkedin
  • LivingSocial - something like groupon
  • Merriam webster dictionary
  • Nasa
  • Path - something like private facebook
  • pinterest - social bookmark using images
  • Pulse - news reader
  • QR barcode scanner
  • Samsung education hub - go to your Samsung App and when asked what country, pick Singapore, then find "Education hub"
  • Shazam - scan music
  • Skyvi - Siri like app
  • Stopwatch
  • Stumbleupon - randomly browse best websites based on interests
  • TED - interesting talks/lectures
  • Time mobile - news
  • Tripadvisor
  • Twitter
  • Waze - GPS nagivation
  • Whatsapp
  • Winamp - music
  • Wordpress

Metaphysical musings: Of Gods, Aliens and UFOs

I've decided to write some metaphysics stuff today. It's my musings about God(s), Aliens and UFOs, stuff that I gathered after reading cosmological, philosophical, religious books and through self contemplation. It's just a casual post, and of course no rigorous proofs or whatsoever (can there be any, anyway?). Btw if you must know, I'm more of a pantheist/pandeist/panendiest/Christian believer.

First of all, WHO/WHAT made the Universe? That's something that has been bothering me since primary school days when I first read about Space after looking through the Childcraft Encyclopedia (volume 4, to be precise). In most religious text, the answer is simple - God. But this type of answer leaves people like me questioning even more, and I'm not satisfied with such answer, at least for now. At this point I still remain agnostic on the question of the Universe's Creator (I do not mean Big Bang here), and I remain sceptical that we'll ever find a truly, testable scientific hypothesis that explains the whole theory fully.

Not all hope is lost however, just look closer - our own Solar System. Have you considered the possibility, that, it could be afterall created by some very advanced civilization? Yes - the creation of our Sun, the Planets, the moons, asteroids etc. Let's not dwell into the theory of Big Bang whereby after the initial explosion/inflation, atoms, time, gravity, nuclear forces are created and after billions of years materials and natural forces combine to form them at this moment.

Take a look at the definition of Kardashev Type III Civilization from wiki - basically a Type III civilization has the technology to extract energy from Black Holes and Quasars, able to perform Star Lifting (removing portion of star's matter for controlled use), extract anti matter and capturing gamma ray bursts.. now think  would it be difficult for them to Create an entire Solar System? I think not.

Kaku on Type I, II, III civilizations

Now, imagine what would happen, if one day, a Type II (not type III yet) alien were to visit us? Surely their abilities would far exceed us - and appear GOD like! I cannot even phantom how the average Joe would perceive them! And what would happen, if a Type III were to visit us in the future? It's truly mind numbing.. Can you imagine Energy Beings visiting us? Or if you have watched the Star Trek series, Q visiting us? Now, how do you define a God then?

Energy extra terrestrial beings in "Knowing"

Strong atheists would find these kind of speculations truly wild and baseless, but then try explaining the Fermi paradox, if possible. The paradox elucidates the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and humanity's lack of contact with, or evidence for, such civilizations.

But is it really hard to contemplate such weird observation? I personally think not. If you have read about Fantastic Four, I'm sure you'll come across the beings who called themselves the Watchers:

"The Watchers are cosmic beings, who possess the innate ability to achieve virtually any effect desired, including augmenting personal attributes, time and space manipulation, molecular manipulation, energy projection, and a range of mental powers. They also have access to highly advanced technology."

The Watchers practice a strict non-interfering attitude, hiding away from civilizations after performing the mistake of gifting nuclear technologies to some unknown civilization - and ended blowing up themselves due to power struggles and greed. Now, imagine if you are a Being, endowed with the complete knowledge of DNA and having the power to engineer life forms at your will, that one day you decided to develop a new civilization / propagation of new species - would you interfere your "work" everyday, or just.. let Nature take its own course?

Now for my musing part on how our Solar System (and Life) is created:

  1. Some advanced civilization out there (probably Type III and beyond), could have ran trillions of planetary simulations on their super computers (not our classical type of computers, but probably based on Quantum principles) on creating a viable Solar system (in this case, ours)
  2. Similarly, trillions of biological simulations would have been performed so that events could lead to the development of human species itself

The quantum computers such beings possess are supremely powerful ones, able to simulate down to the level of atoms itself, and can even simulate consciousness itself! Hence, it can literally simulate life and time, based on perhaps some trillions of parameters, including time itself. It just like letting your Simcity 2000 game run on its own for millions of years, just much more advanced in this case. To understand what such computers are capable of doing, look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfEnyxxSu4c&feature=youtu.be&t=39m49s

Skip to 39:49

Once the simulations are done, what is left is to do the practical job itself - in this case, perhaps creating a wormhole and travelling to an empty place in the Universe (in our case, the coordinates of our Sun). Once there, a precise amount of cosmic materials required to build our Solar System (gases, liquids and minerals) are transported to the aforementioned coordinates and the Type III civilization would initiate nuclear fusion to "jump start" our Sun, and lo and behold, "Let there be light!". Once done, they would just leave, and let the Sun, Planets and other celestial bodies to form over the period of billions of years (modelled after the planetary simulations), which over time Life itself would form (modelled after the biological simulations) and eventually reaching the Human species.

Now, if such Beings were to visit us one day again (if we survive our own destruction), would they not be Gods themselves? And how would they arrive? It could be anything - in spaceships/UFO, cosmic gateways, teleportation, inter dimensional travels, or literally flying (in some cosmic way).

So nowadays, if you were to present Biblical quotes to me, I'll probably have "different" interpretations of them, for example:

  1. Let there be light - the creation of our Solar System, including the Sun, the Earth and other celestial bodies that are conductive to our survival, and the initiation of nuclear fusion for our Sun
  2. God created Humans and Life - using supremely powerful Quantum computers to simulate Life on Earth and after going through billions of years of evolution, the end result is us

How long did these type of simulations took place, and how they were run in the first place, is probably a subject that is incalculable and incomprehensible for us. Perhaps one day, it would be revealed to us by Them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review

Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

  • Pros: If you're looking for stylus tablet, get it!
  • Great for Creative activities and education
  • Cons: stylus-enabled apps still little (can improve in time with updates)
  • Cons: OS not as smooth as iOS (can improve in time with updates)

Just bought my Galaxy Note 10.1 and have been using it since. I first saw the intro video (top) and was instantly intrigued by it; the main difference between the normal tablets is that this baby comes with a stylus. Yea, Jobs once quoted "Who needs a stylus...". Well that was the time when tablet technologies were still in its infancy, ad btw Microsoft came out with their stylus enabled tablet long time ago.

The tablet comes with Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.04. It's launcher interface is pretty good to use, very similar to iPhone's but being on Android you get more customizations (some users may not like it) like setting the default "Home" page (which holds the icons). You need to manually create a folder before you can move icons into it (in contrast to iOS - drag an icon over an existing icon or folder).

Let's get down to the major features:

Multiscreen feature:

The Multiscreen feature enables you to have 2 apps running side-by-side. Please note, however, not all apps support this feature. At this moment, only the following apps can be Multiscreen-ed:

  • Polaris Office (Office like program)
  • S Note
  • Video player
  • Gallery (for viewing videos and pictures)
  • Email

Disclosure: I was not able to drag & drop between 2 Multiscreen-ed to perform copy & paste operations as showed in the video.. and I'm still figuring out. This is not a good UI design I have to say, and it really separates between Apple and Samsung.

S Note:

This is the main program you use to create your notes, using normal text editing, inserting pictures or audio notes, and of courses, scribbling with your stylus. Basically the operations you see involving the stylus in the demo video is in this program.

Photoshop Touch:


Photoshop Touch really interests me. I'm a beginner in Phososhop, but playing it with a stylus pen and a tablet is an awesome experience. The picture shown above is a tutorial for beginners.. and there are alot of things you can do here.

Let's just take the "Add a tattoo" tutorial.
You were first given 2 layers, one of the lady and another of the tattoo design. You just need to transform the size and rotate the tattoo (using pen or hand) so that it is placed around the arm area. Then, just set tap on the layer setting and set the "Blend" mode of the tattoo to Darken.. and it's done! It's difficult to express the experience here, just go try it out yourself! The program comes bundled with the device.

The Apps stores:

Play store
Samsung apps store
There are 2 app stores in Note 10.1 - Google Play and Samsung apps. Google Play is of course the de facto app store, but Samsung apps store sell some other apps not available in Play, especially those that support the stylus. With 2 apps working together, coupled with Google Play's not so intuitive user interface, it is recommended that the user use Samsung's S Suggest (below) app instead.

S Suggest
S Suggest lists apps according to their categories, and allows you to sort via Top used, Top installed, To rated and Newest. The interface is much better than Google's Play! Once you have selected the relevant app, it will launch Play or Samsung App depending on the app's store source.

Samsung Learning Hub:

Samsung learning hub
This is the main reason I'm interested with the tablet, I'm interested in knowing how tablet is used in conjunction with education. The default app is Samsung's learning hub, which needs to be downloaded from Samsung app store. Please note that the app is not available in all countries, I've selected Singapore in this case (US store does not list the app).

Once running, the app allows you to download free sample ebooks. The ebooks are very colorful and beautiful, and it's a pleasure to read it with the tablet. You can also jot your notes with your stylus of course. No screenshot is available for the book as the app disallows you to perform screenshot for copyright reasons.

Overall, the stylus introduces new concepts into the tablet, but however the stylus features are under utilized at this moment. For example, if you were to open a PDF document, you WON'T be able to scribble on it unless you do a screen capture, paste it into S Note, crop the image, then edit etc. However, it should only be a temporary problem as more apps support the stylus feature.

If you have been interested in using the stylus, go drop by your local Samsung shop today and try it yourself!